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Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning

Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning

Another fast approaching October means a shxt ton of Oktoberfest and pumpkin beer. I personally think pumpkin is a great ingredient to base a special beer around and taking into consideration how many there are out in the wild, brewers must love pumpkin too. I don’t have access to every pumpkin ale, stout, porter or lager out there, but I tried to grab a fair representation of some of the more popular brews as well as a few local craft beers (drink local ya bish) to help you find your way through the crowd.

Some of our readers on Instagram made some suggestions for dope brews (some of which I’ve even tried myself), but I didn’t have them on hand to properly shoot, taste and review for this post. Not every brewery distributes to every state, so popular brew’s like Cigar City Brewing’s Good Gourd Imperial Ale and Elysian Brewing’s The Great Pumpkin missed the post! Each of the pumpkin beers I did get my hands on is a variation in taste and style; some are sweeter, some higher in ABV and others better for sessioning. Check out where and how I best enjoy these fall brews.


hypebeerst - pumpkin beer summoning review



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