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Guinness Debuts Dublin Porter & West Indies Porter In America

Guinness Debuts Dublin Porter & West Indies Porter In America

Good news Guinness connoisseurs: the folks at Dublin Gate are releasing two vintage craft beer recipes stateside for stout lovers to enjoy!

For the first time in the U.S., the Guinness brewers are giving beer lovers a chance to taste a bit of the brewery’s history with Guinness Dublin Porter and Guinness West Indies Porter – two beers based on recipes found in Guinness brewing books from more than 200 years ago. Previously only available in Ireland, the UK, and Caribbean islands, Guinness is now making six pack 11.2 oz. bottles available at participating Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s, and Total Wine & More locations for $21.99.

So what do these bad boys taste like?

Guinness Dublin Porter was originally created in 1796 during a time when porters were all the rage in London, Guinness brewed up its own Irish version of the style at St. James’s Gate and shipped to England. While the porter originated in London, the Guinness brewer’s Irish take on the style proved quite popular with its earthy and lively flavor. Today, the Dublin Porter delivers a sweet, smooth beer with dark caramel and hoppy aroma notes with a burnt biscuit finish for a beer reminiscent of a different time  — when after a hard day’s work, you’d visit your local haunt for a porter, the “working man’s beer”.

Guinness West Indies Porter  was intended to maintain its quality taste and freshness aboard West Indies-bound ships across the ocean for more than a month. So in 1801, the brewers at Guinness rose to the challenge, developing a beer with higher hops and more gravity that didn’t just survive the journey, but offered a unique new taste also. Based on the original recipe, today’s porter remains an immensely flavorful beer, with generous hops and notes of caramel-toffee giving it a sweet, almost chocolate aroma. A precursor to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout these brews are best enjoyed with signature Jamaican stewed dishes such Curry Goat and Oxtail.

Check back for upcoming food pairings on #ThirstyThursday soon!

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