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The Game To Produce Cannabis-Infused Lemonade

The Game To Produce Cannabis-Infused Lemonade

Rappers and marijuana products are nothing new. Wiz Khalifa has a brand of rolling papers, Snoop Dogg came out with a GPen and now The Game is bringing pot heads a signature juice drink to address all your cotton mouth needs.

According to Billboard, the LA-based recording artist has partnered with with G FarmaBrands, headquartered in California, to endorse marijuana-based products for medical and recreational use. Named “G Drinks”, the lemonade will be available for purchase in California and Washington state.

The new G Drinks line will feature lemonade beverages in flavors of original, pink and strawberry, infused with the company’s Liquid Gold cannabis oil. The Game’s collection of lifestyle products will also extend to G Stiks – cone-shaped cannabis cigarettes in six different blends. Both products were developed to suit The Game’s personal tastes.

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