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Eating by the Sea. Seafood City That Is.

Eating by the Sea. Seafood City That Is.

The Feast: Crab legs x Fried Shrimp x French Fries

The Location: City Island, New York x Seafood City

The Beverage: Shark Bite

This is the ultimate place to go with your friends especially when it’s nice outside. A great breeze, the sunlight and water, what more could you ask for? Food of course! On this specific day, I was starving. I decided to treat myself to a feat of seafood.  The crab legs were a must have. Not only are they boiled but also fried with a great, flavorful coating.  The shrimp adds delight because if you weren’t sure if you wanted shrimp or crab legs going with friends makes it pleasant because you can always share. On this occasion sharing wasn’t happening. It was that good.

For a little twist I always add a nice beverage. At times Seafood City becomes the best bar of the summer. You really do get your money’s worth. Since it has been so long since I have been there, I decided to go for  an old favorite, The Shark Bite; best described by Lessie as “Gasoline,” Ariella says Oy! and Ciera says Thug Passion.” The gaudy amounts of 151 Rum and other mixtures make for a vibrant time but we know once it starts to taste good, you may feel a little tipsy. If you’re brave it’s a must.


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