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Once known as Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe Sauce, Jumbo’s friends got creative and started putting the sauce on EVERYTHING! Today YGET got a hold of some of Jumbo’s EVERYTHING sauce! Yummmmm!

Jumbo’s Everything Sauce is really good. It’s not too thick or creamy but is full of flavor. If you love tomatoes you can really taste them here! 

Jumbo has two sauces, the original sauce has a sweet and tangy taste, whereas the jalapeño sauce packs a punch of spice 🥊 and turns up the heat 🔥 all while holding true to its original sweet & tanginess flavor! The Jalapeño sauce offers a great blend of both flavors. 

I used the jalapeño version of the sauce to make Sloppy Joe’s for the family and they came out delicious!

Overall, Jumbo offers a great tasting sauce that you can use on everything (I poured it over some fries also)! I’m looking forward to cooking up more great meals with these delicious sauces!

Check out Jumbo’s Everything Sauce below!


Instagram: @JumbosSloppyJoeND

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