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BBQ… Korean Style.

BBQ… Korean Style.

This is my favorite Korean restaurant in town so far.  It’s a place in the Spring Branch area of Houston called Nam Gang.  Anyone who’s been to a Korean restaurant knows about glorious Korean BBQ.  If not you’re missing out!

The meat ordered on this particular trip was something new on the menu and suggested by our regular waitress.  The beef skewers were chosen and they went on this contraption from the future that rotated the skewers for you(pictured above).  The coals were put in the “pit” and it’s grill time from there.  Served with this were all the typical Korean sides like seaweed, broccoli, kim chi, tofu, pickled cucumbers, etc…  We also ordered the Korean style seafood pancake to aid the self induced food coma (below).

Granted you’ll probably smell like BBQ when you leave, but it’s so worth the delicious opportunity of being able to grill inside.



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