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Stuffed Shrimp at the Bayou & Expensive Nutcrackers

Stuffed Shrimp at the Bayou & Expensive Nutcrackers

The Restaurant: Bayou

The Location: Fleetwood, NY

The Feast: Stuffed Shrimp x Collard Greens x Yellow Rice x Cornbread

The Beverage: Bomb

Phuk! So Phukin’ Delicious! I’m a whore for brown gravy and then rice *faints* the greens were very much on point and the crab mixture with the shrimp was a guided my mouth to the great streets of my taste buds!

Of course I couldn’t finish it all, but now I know go half on it. I’m already making plans to go again. Oh for the drink I had two BOMBS, which is a mixture of everything, I guess it’s the higher up of a Nutcracker. I’m very sure it had 151 Rum in the ingredients which is my vice.

Overall, I recommend that to everyone but the cornbread wasn’t sweet cornbread it was regular. I prefer sweet cornbread.

580 Gramatan Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10552

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