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Cauliflower Pizza is the New Pizza

Much like orange is the new black, cauliflower pizza is the new pizza. There are a million and a half different ways to try it and if you haven’t already sampled at least one of them you are truly missing out. The cauliflower adds a unique texture to the crust that regular dough just does not have and if you make it the way I’m about to tell you to it’s carb-free. You’re welcome ladies 🙂

All you need is 1/2 head a cauliflower pureed into “snow,” 4 eggs, 1 cup almond meal, 1/3 cup coconut oil, and cheese and spices to taste.

Mix all the ingredients together and place on a greased or lined baking sheet. Try to get it no thicker than a 1/3 of an inch. Bake for 10 minutes on 450, add whatever toppings your hungry heart desires, then put it back in the oven for like another 15 minutes.

*Tip: Strain the cauliflower with a cheesecloth before mixing to eliminate any excess liquid.

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