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Gourmet White Pizza from Heavens Pizza and Tap House

Gourmet White Pizza from Heavens Pizza and Tap House

I was probably a Ninja Turtle in my former life. No shxt. I’ve probably eaten more pizza than a mall employee has listened to shxtty top 40 music. Probably qualifies me to speak on pizza and its many iterations, but who cares right? If you never listen to anything else I write for YouGottaEatThis, trust me on this: Heavens Pizza & Tap House has the best white pizza I’ve ever had. I’ve traveled to NYC, FL, TX, LA, Vegas, ATL, the Carolinas, DC, Detroit, Chicago and the list continues, but the Gourmet white pizza from Heavens is in the argument for best white pizza in the country.

TF is a white pizza, you ask? Sit that ass down and let bruh bruh school ya: there are various iterations of this common pie, but the key characteristic is having no “red” (tomato) sauce between the cheese and crust. This lends the pie to accept a different set of toppings without changing their individual flavor profiles. Red sauce is a very rich and sometimes spicy sauce that adds the distinct tomato flavor, elevating the sharper and more resilient toppings on a pie. White pizza on the other hand is either sauceless or in some regions paired with an alfredo or garlic sauce. Light tasting veggies and simple meats shine without melding into your mouthful of baked trillness, making it a great platform for seafoods, mushrooms, spices and otherwise “not for pizza” toppings.

Heavens’ offering isn’t unique at first glance. Simple, well crafted and carefully compiled, this no frills pie’s wow factor is apparent in every bite. They vary the toppings weekly with various locally grown ingredients, aqua pura water (reverse osmosis gang!) and in house sauces. When you add the fact that every single pie has the perfect crispy crust that begs for “the fold”, there isn’t much to nitpick about.

On my last cheat day my sis and I headed over to Heavens after I got back from a night out drinking in Shark City. The night’s white pizza special was spinach, tomato, mushroom and garlic cloves; I opted to replace the tomato with pepperoni because tomato has a tendency to get gross on the breakfast leftover reheat. You already know what happened, no need to detail the murder that took place on that plate. I’m more than willing to put these pies up against any in the country though, owner Brian Heavens got one.


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