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The Paradox Cafe

The Paradox Cafe

The Paradox Café is mostly a vegan café. Doesn’t sound very appetizing does it? At least for me, a full-throttle carnivore, I was not expecting great things from this place. I had just finished a workout so anything sounded good at the time. I decided on the Country Comfort. Your choice of two eggs, tempeh or tofu, veggies or sausage, breakfast potatoes and a wheat biscuit covered in almond gravy. I chose the eggs and veggies. The service was quite fast and after putting one bite in my mouth, I was done for. The steamed veggies were soft but crunchy and the eggs gooey from being over-easy, just how I like them. The biscuit with almond gravy melted in my mouth and I turned caveman and inhaled my plate, not caring who was a witness.


A big plus was that I got this huge plate of food for only $9.50. I’ve been to other breakfast spots where I didn’t get nearly as much and paid even more.

I give the Paradox Café a solid A. The only reason I didn’t give it an A+ is because I didn’t see any alcohol on the menu. How am I supposed to take on the day without a bloody mary keeping me together?


The Paradox Café -3439 SE Belmont, Portland OR


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