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Logan’s Slabs and Salmon on the Side. Gravy Included.

Logan’s Slabs and Salmon on the Side. Gravy Included.

The Feast: Salmon x Half Slab of Ribs x Mashed Potatoes

The Location: Logan’s Roadhouse (Huntsville, Alabama)

The Beverage: Mango Rum Punch

Not only were we good and hungry but the food was delicious. The purpose of this adventure was to get some finger licking barbecue. But after starvation for about a two hours it was time to say no Cheddar’s this time but let’s find something new.

It wasn’t new but it’s one of my favorite restaurants; Logan’s. Walking in you’ll be greeted by peanut shells on the floor from patrons at the tables. My focus was the Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy. I have always admired their fresh gravy and the rolls are just to LIVE for.



I also ordered a side of ribs to go with my salmon but I didn’t get to eat them because I was half way asleep at my table because the salmon was so tasty. Not to mention I had a Mango Rum Punch served in a jar. I recommend Logan’s to anyone looking for a laid back atmosphere, good food, but if you want a buzz, either ask for more of a spike in your drink or have a tasty lemonade instead.

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