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Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning

Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning


Alewerks Brewing Pumpkin Ale

Alewerks brews my absolute favorite beer and they’re local so I had to try their Pumpkin Ale. It seems to have quite a bit of a reputation around the area and after working my way through a sixer I understand the hype. Alewerks Pumpkin Ale is similar to Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale in taste, though it’s less dessert-esque and a bit more heavily carbonated. This one’s not as creamy and is actually just a little sweeter than Schlafly’s pumpkin beer. If you’re in the area or willing to set up a beer mail trade for it, I say go for it. It’s not the type of beer that’ll disappoint you.




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