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Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning

Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning


Terrapin Beer Company Pumpkinfest


Terrapin’s Pumpkinfest is in my opinion more Oktoberfest than pumpkin beer. It’s classified as a lager, something you don’t see much of from this brewery; it tastes more of whole pumpkin than the typical spice orgy we’ve come to expect from this year’s “it” seasonal. I mean seriously, who ISN’T doing pumpkin this year in some form? I do thoroughly appreciate Pumpkinfest’s unfiltered roastiness with wheat/yeast front that comes with the lager style. There’s a small hop bite in the finish that breaks up the smoothness of your mouthful; this one small palate shock is the perfect addition, as it really tricks your brain into hunting through the other flavors to try and pick them all up. This is a great little brew to accompany your next music listening session, as well as the first hay ride of they season. Make that shxt happen, the heauxs love hay rides.




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