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Picklebacks & Goose Filled Doughnuts at Do or Dine

Picklebacks & Goose Filled Doughnuts at Do or Dine

The Restaurant: Do or Dine

The Location: Brooklyn, NY

The Feast: Chicken

The Beverage: The Spherickle Back (Dickel Whiskey)

Talk about a nice time, says friend that doesn’t go on dates often. But let’s stay on topic! Do or Dine will be added to my list of places you MUST dine. The menu itself just makes you want to order everything and they even offer frog legs! Yes, I’m a little country and found that to be quite exciting. But I didn’t have the frog legs. When dining at new places I also like to try things I’ve never had before. This time I had the Foie Gras Doughnut, which is a jelly doughnut filled with a little bit of goose. I was shocked that I found it to be delicious. It did tasty GOOSE’y though, but it was a nice mixture of strawberry jelly, sugar and this incredible texture.

Next, it was time for a good round of whiskey. If you’ve been following my posts you should know by now I’m all for brown. But, taking it up a notch my like interest thought I should try the spherickle back of Dickel Whiskey. At first it seemed like it was going to be a challenge (I still don’t know how to take shots). But the cool thing about the shot of course was the chaser, a pickle juice tasting balloon that you burst in your mouth. Talk about fun.



Finally, the main course. I had a little bit of his fish and chips then it was time for Chicken & Woffals (nope it’s spelled correctly). It was a jerk chicken and pineapple maple coating. The waffles were nice and fluffy and the chicken was a balance between sweet and seasoned. Very delicious and very filling. I wanted to go to sleep at the table but later crashed into a food coma that lasted until the next day. I recommend Do or Dine if you’re off the next day so you can fully enjoy that nice rest!

Do or Dine

1108 Bedford Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11216

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