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The Best Barbecue In the Nashville Maybe in the Airport.

The Best Barbecue In the Nashville Maybe in the Airport.

The Feast: Pork BBQ Sandwich

The Restaurant: Whitt’s Barbecue

The Location: Nashville International Airport (Nashville, TN)

Whitt’s Barbecue holds a special place in my heart. As alumni of Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Whitt’s Barbecue was apart of my everyday lunch time. Yes, we actually had the regular school lunch, but we also had Pizza Hut and my favorite Whitt’s Barbecue.

Let’s fast forward to my latest trip to Tennessee. Just before leaving the Bonnaroo Music Festival, I remembered I didn’t have any barbecue the entire time I was down there. Sad thing was I didn’t remember until I was about to take flight back to the Big Apple. Luckily, passing by Popeyes and a cool Pub, it was in front of my face. I could have cried tears of joy, instead I rushed to the line to order a barbecue pork sandwich with heavy barbecue sauce. Talk about delicious! It took me back to 6th period lunch with my friends drinking the most unhealthy sodas and talking about which Dipset song was going to be our dance anthem of the day. It was great and a nice way to say good bye to Music City.



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