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The GREEDY BUZZARD: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

The GREEDY BUZZARD: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

To kick off my first review, what better town to start in other than my birth place, good old BROOKLYN NY. Armed with an appetite, I headed down to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que located at 604 union St, Brooklyn NY (Btwn 3rd & 4th Ave) in the Park Slope section.

Regardless of the surroundings on the block, I was instantly taken to another place. I was delighted to see I could enjoy my meal outside, but just my luck there was a 30 minute wait so I took my hunger pains inside.

The minute that I walked in, I was greeted by a massive pile of wood (used to cook all the meat) neatly stacked in the middle of the dinning area. The decor is inviting with a lot of wood accents and rustic fixtures. I definitely felt like I was down south some where about to dig into some good old home cooking. The staff was well versed on the menu and very attentive.

I’m a stickler for clean bathrooms and so I never understood how the inside of a restaurant could be so appealing, but the rest room looks like it belongs to a dingy gas station. So after I was seated, I immediately headed to the rest room to wash my hands knowing I was about to get elbow deep in ribs. I must say the bathroom was clean, modern and well kept. That was a good sign!


To start off my course, I ordered an the “creole spiced deviled eggs” as an appetizer. It came served over a bed of shredded lettuce sprinkled with paprika and finely chopped scallions. When it comes to deviled eggs, I feel there is no in between as they are either good or bad. That being said, these were surprisingly GOOD! I washed those down with the house beer the “Dino ape hanet ale (syr)” it was just alright, not too heavy being more on the side of a light beer. I suggest ordering the 1/2 pint for 3 bucks so you can leave room for the main course.


I can’t lie, I did have a hard time making up my mind on what to order. With so much BBQ goodness on the menu, it was difficult to pick just one thing. After explaining my dilemma to my waiter, that’s when he pointed me to the “Tres Ninos”. For 15 bucks you get a petite sampling of brisket, ribs, and shredded pork with two sides of your choice. The two sides I ordered were the beans with pork and turkey neck greens.


My order came in a decent amount of time, just enough for me to update my social networks, take a call or two, and enjoy my beer.

When my plate arrived, the presentation was simple and to the point as BAR-B-QUE should be! My first forkful was of the shredded pork…. hot damn! (as I shake my head) just what the doctor ordered! That was just the tip of the iceberg. Next, I tried the beans, they were savory and smoky once I swallowed it I was able to really taste the spices and the robust taste….one word…delicious. Next, I gave the greens a try, not as tasty as I thought it would be as they could have used a bit more love and tender care. BUT, when mixed with the beans, it was a tasty combination.

Up next, I gave the brisket a try and once again I was not disappointed with a light lather of their signature BBQ sauce it was cooked just right, not too tough and not too soft with a great after taste. After the brisket, I focused all my attention on the ribs. The bone slipped right out and I took my bite, It tasted as if it was marinated over night with a slight but ever so present wood flavor running through it. Very tasty and should be ordered as a meal by itself.


I finished off the meal with a mini blueberry pie a la mode for one. I can’t lie I’m a little biased when it comes to blueberry pie, especially when topped with whipped cream and fresh blueberries. The vanilla ice cream they used was eghh as I feel it didnt compliment the pie as it should have.

Overall, I had a great dining experience. Dinosaur had a laid back diverse atmosphere, excellent background music and a decent variety of of spirits and beer. I left satisfied and full. I recommend this eatery the next time you’re in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. I give Dino BBQ four Greedy Buzzards! So till next time, remember “EAT WELL BUT STAY HUNGRY!”

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