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Kleer-Vu in Tennessee x Extra Crust in my Peach Cobbler Please.

Kleer-Vu in Tennessee x Extra Crust in my Peach Cobbler Please.

The Feast: Macaroni & Cheese x String Beans x Hot Water Cornbread

The Location: Murfreesboro, TN

The Restaurant: Kleer Vu

The Dessert: Peach Cobbler (Extra Crust)

The Beverage: Sweet Tea

I will admit this is one review I could not wait to write up. It’s such a great place in one of my two hometown’s that I must share. Kleer-Vu, pronounced Clear View is one of the best places on earth if you want a good meat and three. If you’re unfamiliar with a meat and three, it’s a entree of meat like steak, chicken or spaghetti (yes spaghetti) and three side dishes consisting of vegetables.

This time I really didn’t want meat, I actually came for the peach cobbler but I wanted to eat a meal before I gave my taste buds a nice ride of sweetness. I went right to the three with the cheesiest macaroni and cheese and to feel healthy I had some string beans. My favorite food besides gravy is ultimately bread. I can live off of it! So I had to get the hot water corn bread.


But now to the main event…The One and Only…Peach Cobbler. Now this is something that I feel everyone should have. You can taste almost every ingredient included in the recipe for their special peach cobbler. From the vanilla extract, to the butter with the sugar on top to the natural peaches. Every time I get the peach cobbler I ask for extra crust because of course I love bread! It’s so good instead of getting a birthday cake for my 20th birthday, I got a pan of Peach Cobbler from them and shared the moment with friends at school.

So if you’re ever in Murfreesboro, Tennessee or even close (it’s right outside of Nashville), make sure you drop by and tell them Tot, from the bread store sent you;)


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