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Sweet Chick in Brooklyn Is Hatching A Winner

Sweet Chick in Brooklyn Is Hatching A Winner


ThomasAWilson - @SweetChickBK @ThomasWilson2

Bacon Wrapper Oysters with Scotch Bonnet Vinegar


Enter: bacon wrapped oysters. Oysters are great finger food and even better when paired with bacon. I mean, come on. It’s fvcking bacon. Sweet Chick went left on us by adding crispy fried shallots to an already flavorful dish, but that’s definitely not a bad thing at all. I’m a huge texture guy (as quite a few of you out there are) and just a little crunch can go a long way in easing the nervousness I get whenever I partake in foods that can be considered mushy or gelatinous generally speaking.


ThomasAWilson - @SweetChickBK @ThomasWilson2

Bacon & Cheddar Waffles and Fried Chicken


By far the star of the show was the giant plate of chicken and waffles I ordered. They have a variety of options as to just how your chicken and waffles both come prepared including a classic buttermilk waffle, dried cherry or rosemary & mushroom, as well as a Chinese-inspired rice & broccoli waffle paired with chicken and general tso’s sauce. I opted for the bacon & cheddar waffle which completely blew my mind and shattered my expectations of what chicken and waffles should taste like. Each order of waffles comes with a variety of flavored butters (lemon, berry and rosemary) that only elevate your dining experience.

I could taste every single namesake ingredient while the gigantic portions made the price tag well worth it. This was easily the best plate of chicken and waffles I’ve had and the long list of accolades from dozens of media outlets including Zagat, the NY Times and Eater support my claim.


ThomasAWilson - @SweetChickBK @ThomasWilson2

Vegetarian Meatloaf


Pete chose the vegetarian meatloaf for his main course. I can’t go into detail about his dish but the portion he shared with me left me wondering if I could ever go meatless. The meatloaf was soft and moist with a great consistency without tasting earthy or flavorless like many faux meat options tend to be in my experience. The mashed potatoes were light and fluffy and worked well with the onion and mushroom gravy.

This was awesomely executed comfort food that I would have no qualms about ordering myself. Maybe next time, if I can keep from that epic plate of chicken and waffles.

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed everything that Sweet Chick Brooklyn had to offer. The cozy atmosphere, attentive staff and above average drink menu is worth checking out. A big thank you goes out to John Seymour for inviting us to dine in. I personally can’t wait for my return visit.


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