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Sweet Chick in Brooklyn Is Hatching A Winner

Sweet Chick in Brooklyn Is Hatching A Winner


We know Williamsburg has become the epicenter of all things hipster in NY, but you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Sweet Chick Brooklyn has taken an often tried dish with tons of hype surrounding it and made it worth the attention; their claim to fame is a pairing of homestyle fried chicken and a variety of waffles that is bringing customers in from across the country! They’re no one trick pony however, with a menu that has something for every type of eater in these streets. Sweet Chick has become a spot that quite a few of us here at YGET have an affection for.

After a day of work with the homie @PremiumPete, an invite came from @SweetChickBK via Twitter (oh the power of interconnecting networks) to stop through and sample some of the dope. Who were we to say no? In classic influencer style we headed over to Williamsburg, anxiously pondering what was waiting for us.

ThomasAWilson - @SweetChickBK @ThomasWilson2

Mac & Cheese


We started off with appetizers. I’m definitely more of a “mac & cheese should be cut with a knife” advocate coming from the south. I also don’t think there are many ways to fvck up my favorite food so I would consider this playing it close to the vest, but the combination of perfectly al dente pasta, gruyere, fontina & aged white cheddar cheeses and a ritz cracker “breadcrumb” crust became a talking point before we even got to the next dish. This mac & cheese should be bagged and sold on the corner by a shifty character in a trench coat, the stuff was so good. Don’t you EVER stop serving this Sweet Chick, you hear me?!


ThomasAWilson - @SweetChickBK @ThomasWilson2

BBQ Pork Sliders


At my request, BBQ pork sliders were added to the table. I think what made these stand out for me were the lightness of the mini brioche buns. They add the perfect texture to a dish that could otherwise melt into a sweet and savory bite due to the tenderness of the meat and snap of the pickles. We had to get away from the comfort food safe zone we’d gravitated towards due to the freezing temperatures outdoors, so we opted for a little seafood to break things up.

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