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Gobo: Food for the Five Senses

Gobo: Food for the Five Senses

Gobo: Food for the Five Senses is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant located in NYC’s West Village. When I walked into the restaurant, I immediately felt a sense of inner peace. The aura was peaceful, the energy was calm, the staff all wore a delightful smile, and a beautiful organic juice bar stood in the front of the restaurant.

The first sentence I read on Gobo’s menu was a lovely and comforting description of the restaurant’s mission: “Gobo is where spirited vegetarian dining awakens the five senses for each guest. Rooted in Zen compassion, Gobo is founded on the belief that delicious food & beverages using wholesome, non-meat ingredients will nourish both your body & mind.” Gobo uses specific vegetarian ingredients for creating food for the five senses. These delicious ingredients include:

1) Konnyaku – pressed Japanese root vegetable flour with a crisp chewy texture

2) Nori – thin sheets of dry, roasted sea vegetables with a nutty flavor rich in Vitamin A

3) Seitan – whole wheat protein that is tender & succulent , seasoned with tamari & herbs

4) Soy – highly nutritious beans, low in cholesterol & carbohydrates, used in tofu, miso & much more

5) Tofu – soft soybean curd rich in protein, calcium & minerals

During my dining experience at Gobo, I ordered the barbecue and tofu sandwich with portabella mushroom and a side of yam fries. This dish included two of the five vegetarian ingredients: Tofu and Seitan. This meal was absolutely delicious, but I will admit, I had to wear a bib 🙂 The barbecue sauce was delicious, the tofu was perfectly prepared, the seitan bread was surprisingly a special treat, the portabella mushroom was juicy, and the yam fries were tasty.


Furthermore, I had to try one of the organic smoothies from the juice bar. I ordered the “Fifth Ave,” which includes kumquat, strawberry, and blackberry. After I drank this smoothie, I felt refreshed and my energy levels peaked.


I had an amazing dining experience at Gobo and you should too! You gotta eat here! Gobo is located on 401 Avenue of the Americas between Waverly Place and 8th Street.

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