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Bosscat Brunch…Because Calories Don’t Count on Sunday.

Bosscat Brunch…Because Calories Don’t Count on Sunday.

I could use some fancy foodie words to talk about the epic food journey I experienced at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations on Sunday for brunch, but I think I’ll just let the food do the talking.

It all started right here.


Short Rib Chiliquiles, everything every plate of chiliquiles has wanted to be, but just didn’t know how.

Next stop: Crawfish & Bacon Ramen Scramble.


The name alone has so much goodness in it and the dish definitely delivers all of it and then some. American cheese and kimchi are what really knocked it outta the park for me. I kick myself for not thinking of this ingenious amalgamation of ingredients during my ramen-eating college days. So much wasted time on sub-par ramen preparations.

Chicken Fried Steak with okra and gumbo gravy followed.


It was succulent, simple, and yet somehow also sophisticated. CFS is a no-nonsense staple so you don’t need to mess with it too much and this version took just enough creative authority to make it stand out without turning it into some weird adaptation with foams and other frivolous fluff that has no business being on a plate with chicken fried steak.

Fruity Pebbles French Toast (pictured above) with a Sticky Bun Breakfast Burger came up next.


I’m not normally a fan of sweet breakfasts, but these two offerings had just enough savory elements to compliment the sweet. Their french toast was by far the most inventive and fun french toast I’ve ever had and if you thought the Bosscat Burger was good, wait til you try it in between a warm, gooey, cinnamony bun with Canadian bacon, a duck fat fried egg, and some gruyere cheese.

The “KING” finished up this delectable culinary joy ride.


The entire trip was magical, but this delicious dish was nothing but pure, unadulterated ecstasy—a maple peanut butter orgasm sprinkled with bacon and coated with banana cream pudding. I died.

Go to there and you’ll die too. It’ll be so worth it.




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