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Unique Epicurean Delight

Unique Epicurean Delight

The Antique Bakery and Café – I stumbled across this place by accident. I was tired of “chain restaurants” and decided I should check out the locally owned restaurants for a change of pace. This is a unique little place that should really be downtown instead of the strip mall next to the movie theater. It’s not a bad location, you just wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it. When you first go in, it reminds you of the parlor room in an old southern house. Different pieces of antique furniture for dining or relaxing fill the two story café. Then your eyes immediately file down the counter at the cookies, pastries, cakes, and other confections that only someone with a sweet tooth can mentally devour. On my lunch visit with my foodie companion from work, I had the Monte Cristo. It’s one of those creations based on the salty and sweet principal that can be truly satisfying. First let me say that I love to cook and I am a very good cook. Very seldom do I have a meal outside my home that I can say was perfect. I don’t often tell the restaurant if I don’t like something – I just never go back. I’ve had a Monte Cristo many times over the last 15 years. But, I can say this was the best one I have ever had. It was a triple decker sandwich of Ham, Turkey, and Swiss cheese cut in quarters then battered and fried. It was hot, crispy, and not greasy at all. Served with a black raspberry sauce. I was very pleased and that doesn’t happen often. Unfortunately, I could only eat 3 of the 4 pieces. The fourth piece traveled back to my office for one of the guys that consumed it in 3 bites. This place was a very pleasant surprise in a military town. It is sure to open the eyes and satisfy the palate of anyone that walks through the door. If you are in Fayetteville, NC, this is definitely worth finding!

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