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Rock Lob-staahh!

Rock Lob-staahh!

What is it? The Ninja Roll(Bottom) and the Austin Roll (Top) with tots.

Location: Austin, Tx. Food truck park

Truck: Dock & Roll Diner


When you think lobster roll, you think the New England side of the country where lobster is fresh and abundant. Well, this place in Austin makes amazing lobster rolls.

The rolls are all based off of their foundation roll called the Maine Event. It consists freshly picked lobster meat served cold with Dock & Roll’s house mayo, lemon butter, and chive on a freshly baked roll.From there they have their variations of rolls like the Ninja, which has the Main base along with their far east slaw and tsunami sauce . Another variation is the Austin roll, which is simply the Maine event with their award winning Austin sauce to give it that nice spicy kick with a twist.

The lobster roll’s cold meat make for a perfect lunch on a sweltering Texas day. They also have quite a few menu options so it’s definitely a place to check out for the seafood sammich foodies or foodies in general!

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