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Flaming Lobster Roll & Fried Oreos

Flaming Lobster Roll & Fried Oreos

Meet the Flaming Lobster roll from Miyako Sushi Bar. This roll is a combo of kani tempura with an avocado rolled and topped with spicy craw fish and tempura lobster served with flaming garlic butter. This is one of the rolls I ordered with my husband last night. This is the roll he orders every time we go (I don’t blame him). Since we’re big sushi roll lovers, we always order three or four to experiment with. Maybe I’ll share those some other time.

Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice cream

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share with you Miyako’s take on the fried oreos. Isn’t it nomtastic looking?! The plate is served with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, sliced strawberries, and the oreos always have a bit of chocolate over them. They’re so soft and warm when they reach your table that you just can’t help scarfing them down! You most definitely gotta eat this!

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