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The Perfect Black and Tan: A Perfect Tool For Your Drinking Arsenal

The Perfect Black and Tan: A Perfect Tool For Your Drinking Arsenal



Beer drinkers unite! There’s a new must-have item on the market that promises and delivers on changing your pouring and drinking experience forever.  Created by John Deboer, The Perfect Black And Tan beer layering tool is an aluminum bar tool used to create layered cocktails. Of course other options exist, including bar spoons and the Turtle which claim to do the same thing, however the ease and consistency of successful pours places The Perfect Black And Tan head and shoulders above the rest. From making Snakebites and the namesake Black and Tans, to getting the right amount of head on those frustrating Russian Imperial Stouts, The Perfect Black And Tan takes the guess work out of pouring the perfect glass.

I was afforded the opportunity to speak with John who dropped some jewels on bringing The Perfect Black And Tan to the marketplace as well as drinking suggestions, pairing suggestions and some of the awesome brews in his cellar.



Image Courtesy – The Perfect Black and Tan


Q: What inspired you to manufacture this beer layering tool knowing that the normal bar spoon and the hit or miss Turtle by Brutul?
A: I always loved making layered beers and had used a number of the products on the market.  However, I felt that none of them did a real good job of gently layering one beer on top of another and they all required a high level of technique to achieve a good result.  In other words they all needed a lot of practice to produce a good layer.  Like many other inventors I thought I could come up with a better mouse trap.  After a lot of trial and error, I came up with the current design and then decided to have it made and sold.

Q: How do you stay focused amid the craziness of being a small business owner? What advice do you have for others in your position / taking a similar path to yours?
A: With any small start-up business, everything is one step at a time so concentrating on the immediate next steps helps to not get overwhelmed.

Q: What’s on your vision board for the next 5 years? What should we expect from PB&T??
A: I’m looking to add to the product line with other beer and drink related products.

Q: How do you feel about the growth of the craft beer market, another market based on the “little guy” taking on big money and seemingly having GREAT success?
A: The success of the craft beer market has been great. It has given myself and my customers an unlimited supply of layered beer combinations to try.



Image Courtesy – The Perfect Black and Tan

Q: Your website has a ton of recipes for beer cocktail novices. What are some of your favorite black & tan recipe variations?
A: I think I have about 190 recipes listed. I’ve categorized them as Guinness on Top, Other Dark on Top, Clear/Cloudy, Light on Dark, Triple Combo and Four Layer. Many of the recipes are consolidated from other beer related sites on the web and I also added many of my own.  My favorites are Goose Island 312 over Anchor Porter and Guinness over Fanconia Wheat. They both have great visual layer separation and taste transition.


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Blue Moon and Guinnness

Image Courtesy – The Perfect Black and Tan

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