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Matzo Ball Soup & Chilled Apple Pie Moonshine Only in NYC

Matzo Ball Soup & Chilled Apple Pie Moonshine Only in NYC

Walking in, it seemed like my kind of place. Wood interior, dim lights and people laughing up a storm. Jacob’s Pickles was the definition of happy people, good food. In this case I was not wrong. I was excited about the food but then the cocktail menu was presented to me. The first thing I spotted was Chilled Apple Pie Moonshine. My mind went straight to Bonnaroo 2013, when that was all we had as a beverage for four awesome days on a farm. Quick, let’s get back to the present. I was sitting with two of my lovely friends and it was on. I went for the Kentucky Porch Sipper, which was a bourbon infused with apple bitter drink. Strong to stay the least, just like I like it. Then as a gift to myself I went for the Chilled Apple Pie Moonshine.

Not only was it served in a jar (as all drinks should), but it took me back to a peaceful place of sunshine, music and a liveliness like no other. Happy off the drink, I wasn’t too hungry. But I’m a huge fan of of Matzo Ball Soup and I was not going to pass this up. I will tell you I did have the Biscuits N Gravy but it wasn’t to my liking. If you enjoy a large amount of white gravy and mushrooms, this is for you. But I know the Matzo Ball Soup was for me. The broth the matzo ball, the noodles all delicious. So good I should have got a bowl to take home.

I will be back and you should try it to!

Jacob’s Pickles


509 Amsterdam Avenue

NY, NY 10024

Twitter: JacobsPickles

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