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Boke Bowl – One Bowl at a Time

Boke Bowl – One Bowl at a Time

My friend took me out for a late birthday lunch last week at Boke Bowl. I had heard nothing but great things about this place and was too excited to try it out.

I thought they only had ramen so I was pleasantly surprised to see rice bowls, salads, and steam buns on the menu. Made it a lot harder for me to choose! A plus about this place is it definitely caters to the vegetarians, carnivores, and those with gluten intolerance.

The ramen menu seemed simple at first glance, but then I saw there was a separate column where I could add different things to my bowl. You could add a slow-poached egg, pork belly, house-brined and smoked tofu, cornmeal crusted oysters, and buttermilk friend chicken.

I decided on the Pork Dashi Ramen. It’s a slow smoked pork with handmade noodles and seasonal veggies. I also added a slow-poached egg on top. As soon as the waiter put the bowl in front of me the smell was captivating. The taste was even better, not too salty and just the perfect amount of seasoning. Best ramen I’ve had yet.


My friend decided to go with the Pork Rice Bowl. The rice bowls come with rice (duh), pickles, kimchi, and veggies. You can add onto the rice bowls as well, but my friend decided to keep it simple.


We were surprised at the end of our meal with dessert on the house, which was very sweet. The waiter brought us their Miso Butterscotch Twinkie. It had the perfect amount of flavoring. It didn’t taste artificial like a regular Twinkie, but instead like a small pound cake with amazing flavor inside.


I will definitely be back to Boke Bowl. Perfect for winter time, or really whenever you need some good ol’ ramen comfort.

I also hear that on Thursday nights they have Korean Fried Chicken that is brined for 48 hours, par smoked, chilled overnight, fried and tossed with a garlic and ginger soy vinegar sauce.

Yes. Please.

Also, how can you not love these adorable chopsticks??


Be sure to stop by Boke Bowl if you are ever in Portland.

1028 SE Water Ave, Portland OR

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