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Xyience Xenergy Drinks Are An Experiment Gone Right

Xyience Xenergy Drinks Are An Experiment Gone Right

As if being the official drink of the UFC wasn’t enough, Xyience has expanded their product line and made their delicious (and much more healthy) zero-calorie performance energy drinks more widely available. Get more info and see if they pass the taste test after the jump!

The guys over at Xyience dropped us some cans to try out and with as much energy as it takes to get these things shot, edited and written up, it was a great chance to see if they really work as advertised or if they’re just another fad product. The short of it: Xenergy performance energy drinks are worth their weight (16 oz per can) and pack just as much of an energy punch as they do great flavor!

Xyience Xenergy Drinks - Thomas A. Wilson

There were 3 carbonated drinks in the four pack we received; carbonated green tea would have been weird.

Each drink has a unique taste, much in line with the namesake ingredients, with a common downplayed sweetness that’s absent from normal sugar free drinks. Normally, sugar free drinks use sucralose that can be very off-putting to the average consumer. Aspartame, stevia and other sweeteners all have that common thread. Xenergy drinks almost bypass that altogether, removing close to any aftertaste and sticking to more natural flavors that cover that signature sucralose taste. These drinks don’t need any help to be drinkable!

As I downed half of my first taurine-laced can, I immediately noticed the lightness of the drink overall. It wasn’t thick, syrupy or overly carbonated, which is great when you’re looking to replenish lost energy without feeling like you’re chewing through bread. My favorite of the group was Cherry Lime. It was almost indistinguishable from those corner store sodas we all try so hard to avoid: they’re full of sugar, corn syrup and other ingredients that might give you the jitters, but won’t provide any energy. Xenergy’s caffeine (10-11mg) hits you before you make it through the can, keeping you going without the sugar rush and edgy feeling that accompanies the Rockstars, Monsters and Red Bulls of the world.

Xyience Xenergy Drinks - Thomas A. Wilson

If you’re looking for a more healthy alternative for your morning caffeine fix with great taste and plenty of nutrients (maybe even the start of a hangover remedy), Xyience Xenergy drinks are without a doubt #YGETApproved!

Find Xyience near you by visiting their website at You can also find more info and get your questions answered by following Xyience on social media. Tell them @ThomasWilson2 from @YouGottaEatThis sent you!


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