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Virginia Craft Brewery Explains All Things Alewerks

Virginia Craft Brewery Explains All Things Alewerks

The Mid-Atlantic region is experiencing a hell of a growth spurt in the craft brewing industry with some larger nationally cherished brewing companies opening breweries in the area. Sierra Nevada has opened an east coast operation right outside of Asheville, NC while New Belgium has a brewery under construction with a scheduled 2015 completion date. That’s great news for us eastern seaboard drinkers, but local breweries are holding their own! Alewerks Brewing in Williamsburg, VA is a great example; their Café Royale and Ebenezer’s Christmas beers have both won Gold in the United States Beer Tasting Championship. Having the best beer in the country of any style is a big badge of honor and Alewerks wears it proudly.

While in the area, I visited the brewery with some videographer friends of mine (thanks VizInk!) and got to talk with Chuck Haines, Managing Member of Alewerks and others of their awesome staff. For your viewing pleasure:

A rundown of my talk with those guys is forthcoming. Cafe Royale is headed to bottle shops and bars currently, so keep an eye out if you’re in their local area! Hopefully they secure a larger distribution footprint soon; that means more sales are necessary so drink up. Cheers!



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