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Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

I love how craft beer brewing is an art. No matter what you THINK you know about “constants” and expectations, craft brewers aren’t stuck to a specific set of rules for what they brew and how they brew it. I happened upon a great example of this in the usage of fruit in beers, with peaches being a sort of widely used ingredient when breweries take to fruits. Picking out three readily available brews from the same general geographic region, this grouping pits (Puns. Because fvck you, that’s why!) three well known breweries against each other to show that peach can be used in brewing and yield extremely different results. Game on, bidgez.

Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

Hypebeerst Battle Of The Peaches - beer, craft beer, Dogfish, Terrapin, RJ Rockers - ThomasAWilson


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