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Oreo Kicks Off 2014 With Two New Flavors

Oreo Kicks Off 2014 With Two New Flavors

PSA: Public Snack Announcement – I know you didn’t think Oreo was done with testing the waters, kicking off 2014 with two new flavors! Get ready for “Cookie Dough” and “Marshmallow Crispy” Oreos dropping Feb. 3rd. Since they’re a limited edition offering, these two flavors are expected to be available for six to eight weeks.

ABC News correspondent Darren Rovell broke the news via Twitter earlier today:



We can’t wait for these to hit the streets; Oreo has had some big time winners with these limited edition flavors before. The question remains: do they taste like Nabisco named them? That answer is yes according to Time Magazine’s Samantha Grossman. She says the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo “really does taste like a Rice Krispies Treat.”

Read more: New Oreo Flavors: Nabisco Launches Marshmallow, Cookie Dough Varieties |


Without having these in hand yet, we’ll hold off on dropping too much info. As soon as we get our hands on these, we’ll be sure to give you the rundown!

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