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7 Most Popular Hispanic Food: You Gotta Eat This!

7 Most Popular Hispanic Food: You Gotta Eat This!

Hispanic food includes not only the food that hails from Spain, but also from Spanish people living elsewhere. The 7 most popular Hispanic food actually include offerings from Latin America , such as those from Mexico and Chile!

And if you haven’t tasted all the seven awesome Hispanic food offerings featured above, make a mental note to do so. Hispanic food is known to carry quite a punch as it is rich in flavor, what with the many spices they contain!

Most Popular Hispanic Food Every Foodie Must Have

Whether or not you want your food spicy hot, Hispanic food remains one of the best picks of most foodies. Add hot sauce if you wish – or skip the chili altogether. However you want your Hispanic food, make sure you get to taste all seven of the most popular Hispanic food listed below.

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  1. Tortas. Tortas are made of flatbread, usually stuffed with a variety of chopped ingredients that make each bite a combination of different flavors. Many restaurants prefer to call their tortas as “tortillas”, which literally mean “small tortas”. Regardless of size, tortas deserve to be a mainstay of any Hispanic restaurant!
  2. Flan. Known for its notorious high-calorie reputation, Spanish flan is a soft, sweet dessert made mainly of eggs. The caramelized sauce complements the custard, easily becoming one of the favorite after-meal indulgences of Spanish foodies around the world.
  3. Flautas. When soft flour tortillas are wrapped around chopped beef, pork, or chicken, you get flautas. Their flute-like shape is responsible for their name – but their flavor is what makes them popular!
  4. Tacos. A folded, half-open tortilla filled with a variety of ingredients makes a taco. And a taco makes for a winning menu option if you’re craving for Spanish food!
  5. Empanadas. If you love pastries, you will love empanadas. These are stuffed pastries usually filled with meat, such as chicken or tuna, but they may also contain potatoes, cheese, and many other ingredients. With the sides rolled to seal in the ingredients, biting into an empanada is like bracing yourself for a surprise!
  6. Chilles Rellenos. Imagine a poblano or Jalapeno pepper stuffed with a mix of delicious ingredients, which is then dipped in an egg batter before it is deep-fried. That’s what a chile relleno is! If you can’t get enough of chili peppers, what better thing to do than to stuff one and eat it whole?
  7. Quesadillas. Last but obviously not the least, quesadillas are flat tortillas with a filling composed mainly of cheese. Other quesadillas have a generous sprinkling of meat and other vegetables, too. Their flat nature makes you wonder how they can carry so much flavor. Dip your quesadilla in a variety of sauces and your palate will never grow bored!

Each of the 7 Hispanic food items mentioned above is popular for a reason. They have reached mainstream status because of their universally-loved taste. The fact that you can get them extra hot is just a plus! Craving for Spanish food after reading about quesadillas and tacos? Share your cravings now and leave a comment!

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