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[RECIPE] BBQ Jerk Chicken Quesadilla with Pepper Jack Cheese

[RECIPE] BBQ Jerk Chicken Quesadilla with Pepper Jack Cheese

Everywhere you go, you’ll see a different variation of a Mexican quesadilla. I usually make it the American way, but today I switched it up. So if you enjoy spicy foods, the way I do then this spin off will have your taste buds flaring.

Things You Need:

1 Pack of Boneless Chicken Breast
1 Jamaica Choice Original Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Mild (10 oz)
1 Cabot Pepper Jack Premium Natural Cheese (8 oz)
2 Tomatoes
1/2 Onion
1/2 Lemon
4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 dash of cilantro (optional)
1 Mission Flour Tortillas Large (8ct)
1 BBQ Grill
1 Bag of Charcoal
1 Sour Cream

1. Marinate the boneless chicken breast with 2 heaping tablespoons of the wet jerk rub for a minimum of 2 hours. The longer the chicken marinates the better. If it makes your life easier, put it in a Ziploc bag and leave it overnight until you’re ready to grill it the next day. Once the chicken is off the grill, let it cool down for 5 minutes then start to shred with clean hands.

2. Next up, is shredding the cheese. If you prefer to skip this part then go ahead by all means and buy shredded cheese in a bag. I’m shredding my block of Pepper Jack by hand.

3. Heat up a frying pan. Start making the quesadilla by placing a tortilla on the pan, add the chicken and cheese evenly and add another tortilla on top. Check with a spatula to see if the tortilla is browning then flip to brown the other side.

4. Once it’s done, put it on a plate and cut into 4 pieces.

5. Top with sour cream and my version of Pico de Gallo (freshly diced tomatoes and onion, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper to taste).

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