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The Secret Menu: Barlo’s Poutine Burger

The Secret Menu:  Barlo’s Poutine Burger

A lot of restaurants brag about their secret menu.  In-n-Out’s is legendary.  Yet, how secret is a menu if everyone knows about it?  This adventure involves a true secret menu–a menu revealed to me by a bartender in passing that contains only one item:  the poutine burger.

Barlo Kitchen+Cocktails is a hip Los Angeles bar and restaurant located in Venice’s Hotel Erwin right near the beach.  Their menu contains interesting twists on typical gastropub fare, including the recent addition of pigtails AKA “K-Town Pig Wings.”  We’ll get to that some other time.

Despite its East Coast origins, Los Angeles could be the adopted home of the burger.  After all, McDonalds originated in Southern California.  Over the past 5 or so years, the hipster burger wars have ravaged the Southland.  As a result, of course Barlo features an upscale burger.  They also serve pork belly poutine–which isn’t very authentic, but still delicious.  What happens when you combine the two?  THIS:

Barlo's Secret Poutine Burger

The Poutine Burger sounded more impressive described in hushed tones when the secret menu was first revealed to me.  Images of the mythical (now confirmed hoax) “Monkey Style” In-n-Out burger filled my head.

The verdict?  It’s WAY better than the listed Barlo Burger.  Regardless, it merely ends up being a burger topped with egg and pork belly with a side of gravy fries–Which isn’t technically poutine. Still, put a fried egg, gravy, cheese, and pork belly on top of just about anything and it’s going to be good.  This is may end up being one of my favorite burgers in LA and certainly among the best items on Barlo’s menu.


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