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YGET Visits Dairy Queen HQ – DQ Bakes Institute

YGET Visits Dairy Queen HQ – DQ Bakes Institute

Co-Founder Premium Pete and I were recently granted behind the scenes access to a really dope initiative that Murica’s favorite treat spot Dairy Queen has organized. It’s called the DQ Bakes! Institute and I can attest to the new wave fast food wizardry they’re working on in that there food lab fam.

DQ Bakes! Newport News
So about this whole DQ Bakes! thing: as a company, DQ is celebrating 75 years of consistent quick service frozen desserts. The big thing of note here is they’re way more than just dipped cones and blizzards. A recently launched set of 9 total items has made it way throughout the DQ footprint, providing a solid high-quality savory option to pair with their already world renowned sweet treats. The list runs like so:

  1. 3 Snack Melts
  2. 3 Artisan-style Sandwiches
  3. 3 Hot Desserts á la Mode

Get more info on each (including nutrition info) by clicking their corresponding link.

DQ Bakes! Chicken Mozzarella

I know you guys are aware, but we wouldn’t tell you about something that isn’t #YGET approved. DQ has done a dope job upping the quality of “fast food” type items while ensuring the true DQ experience. I mean, there’s a big difference between the usual rubber chicken & dense burger bun masquerading as ciabatta or foccacia bread and the type of ciabatta and foccacia these Bakes! artisan sandwiches come with. Gotta commend them on the flavor and texture they managed to get into their new kitchen offerings.



We were treated extremely well, not just stuffed with DQ food and shipped on our way back to the east coast. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted at the hotel with some cool Minneapolis themed gift bags.

DQ Bakes! - Gift Bag PeteDQ Bakes! - Gift Bag

A huge thanks to Noelle, Maria and Dean for taking such good care of us! After we unpacked, we were treated to dinner at Parma 8200 in Minneapolis where we met the other participants in the summit. Quick sidebar, if you love italian and can make it out that way, be SURE to take a trip to Parma. Trust me. The halibut and caramelized gnocci was 🔥🔥🔥!

Parma - Halibut and gnocci

Check out this video of Pete sucking the DQ higher ups into his hilarious nonsense; real men cook, right P?! We almost spent as much time laughing at his jokes as we did hearing about the new DQ direction!

Premium Pete at DQ Headquarters

When you guys make it out to your local Dairy Queen, make sure you tag your posts with #yougottaeatthis and #lovemyDQ so we can see what you think!

DQ Bakes! Brownie

DQ Bakes! Chicken Quesadilla Snack Melt

-Thomas out.



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