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Hu Kitchen: Food For Humans

Hu Kitchen: Food For Humans

Every time I’ve walked down Fifth Avenue this summer, I’ve gazed at a restaurant on the other side of the avenue named “Hu Kitchen: Food For Humans.” The title of the restaurant continues to peek my interest. I finally ventured into the establishment and I was floored…

Food for Humans is a vegetarians dream. Right when you enter, there is a huge organic juice and beer bar. YES, I did just say JUICE and BEER bar! When you venture towards the back, there are many vegetarian entrees and side dishes. There is also a fresh salad bar as well! The restaurant focuses more on vegetable dishes rather than meat dishes and only serves unprocessed foods. Hu Kitchen does have meat options but only sources grass-fed, pastured meats and dairy, organic poultry and eggs, and wild seafood.

I was quite hungry when I entered Food For Humans so I decided to order lasagna. The lasagna was dairy free and grain free. Don’t let this fool you… this entree was delicious. I also had choices for side dishes and picked the caramelized pineapples topped with housemade cashew cream! This was absolutely the best side dish I’ve ever tasted…. The fun doesn’t stop here. Of course I had to venture over to the juice bar (it was a bit early in the day for beer ha!). Food For Humans had quite a selection. I ended up choosing the Almond banana smoothie. The ingredients included the following: bananas, housemade almond butter, and housemade milk. This smoothie was great and exactly what I needed to feel refreshed.

Check out the rest of Hu Kitchen’s menu here!

You Gotta Eat at Food For Humans!!!

Dairy free and grain free lasagna

Dairy Free and Grain Free Lasagna


Almond Banana Smoothie, Caramelized Pineapples, and Lasagna

Almond Banana Smoothie, Caramelized Pineapples, and Lasagna


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