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5 days of Brain Food Bars

5 days of Brain Food Bars


I spent this past summer in NYC and it was absolutely amazing! I explored every part of the city, went to dozens of concerts, ate some great food, and learned a lot in the process. However, one of the things that is missing from this list…is exercise… With my busy schedule this summer, exercising unfortunately took a back seat. When my time in NYC finally came to an end, the first thing on my list was to start getting back in shape. To accomplish this goal, I needed the perfect sustenance to eat before beginning my exercise adventures. I wasn’t planning on going to the gym or lifting weights, I wanted to be outdoors. However, outdoor exercises can take hours especially if you’re hiking or doing extreme sports. With this said, I needed to find a food that met certain requirements: I needed it to be healthy, filled with energy, and of course I wanted it to taste good. Finding something that meets this criteria isn’t necessarily easy..

Brain Food Bar Variety Pack

Brain Food Bar Variety Pack

Luckily I heard about Brain Food Bars, a local start-up company in my hometown of Silver Spring, MD. Brain Food Bars are vegan, gluten free, and only contain organic ingredients. Through doing more research via their website, it became clear that the Brain Food Bar team prioritizes health, taste, and giving your body the proper amount of energy so you can complete any activity.

Since these bars met my criteria, I had to give them a shot! I ended up getting Brain Food Bar’s five flavor Variety pack so I could try each bar: Blueberry Cobbler, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Coconut, Vanilla Cherry Almond, and Raspberry Mango. I impulsively decided that I was going to conduct an experiment where I would set up five outdoor exercises and eat one of the five Brain Food Bars before each activity. This was perfect because I knew I would be doing a lot traveling after leaving the city. My first stop was the Adirondacks then back home to Maryland for a few days, and then I would finally be visiting Portland, Oregon. With this said, I decided to set up my exercises across these three different locations.

After completing my experiment, I came to the conclusion that Brain Food Bars are the best thing that has ever happened to my workouts. First off each Brain Food Bar is absolutely delicious. The ingredients taste fresh and blend extremely well with one another. Furthermore, Brain Food Bars stimulates the senses: you can clearly see, smell, and taste the fresh fruit and organic ingredients that are mixed into each bar. More importantly, Brain Food Bars made each of my five exercises so much more enjoyable. I had all of the energy that I needed to fully complete each exercise without giving up. Click the Next page(s) below to see all five of the Brain Food Bars and the different locations in which I conducted my experiment!

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