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Table For Two: Meeting of the Bellies at SkinnyFats

Table For Two: Meeting of the Bellies at SkinnyFats


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What’s up Food Lovers? I’m brand new to the food blog game, but I’ve been scrapin’ plates since I was a baby. Welcome to my new column entitled #TableForTwo. After a brief intro we’ll get to the real reason why you’re here. Food!

My name is Ray P – I’m a Dominican born and raised in the Bronx, New York. With that being said my palette for food wasn’t very broad at all. If it wasn’t Spanish food, Italian, Kennedy Fried Chicken, or Golden Krust I didn’t really really mess with it.

That all changed once I met my old lady, we’ll call her Bee.

Bee is Filipino from San Diego, but currently resides in Las Vegas. As do I. Because of Miss Bee, I’ve been introduced to all types of food I would have never tasted on my own. I trust her and she knows me well enough that I’m comfortable taste testing her recommendations. And sometimes she forces me to. Vegas has a lot of diversity when it comes to food, but we also travel a lot so expect the unexpected.

#TableForTwo is about eating great food and enjoying that experience with your partner. So let’s break bread.

YGET Table For Two Skinny Fats (3)

6261 Dean Martin Drive #29
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 979-9797

I figured we’d kick off #TableForTwo on a high note at Skinny Fats. This spot offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 24/7 and also caters to healthy eaters & yummy eaters alike. The decision worked out well because I wanted something good for lunch and Bee always wants breakfast. As you can see Bee wasted no time grubbing. Let’s start with my plate.

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Chix on Broadway
Breaded chicken breast, BLT, cheddar, red onion & lemon herb aioli on brioche w/side

I love chicken and I love cheese. This was my first time trying Chix On Broadway and after my initial bite I said, “DAMN!” Yeah that good.

I was a bit skeptical about the lemon herb aioli as I don’t enjoy creamy sauces much, but it made the sandwich taste better honestly. Half way through I already made up my mind that it was the best chicken sandwich I’ve had thus far. That cheddar cheese was not a game.

After I scraped my plate, I felt like hitting the JR Smith right in the middle of the restaurant. Real talk. If you’re not in the mood to experiment and want something safe, yet really good. Chix On Broadway is the go-to dish.

JR Smith gif

YGET Table For Two Skinny Fats (1)

Drunken Monkey Cakes
3 pancakes, glazed bananas, whipped cream, marshmallows & chocolate w/Applewood bacon

Bee loves Breakfast and she would eat it 24 hours a day if she could. She was sold once she read Chocolate and Bananas. In fact she didn’t speak to me most of the meal because she was busy with her food.

Bee stopped eating to sing, “I’m in love with the ba-con.”

She admits the pancakes weren’t the best, but everything else made it bearable. Ordering a side of whole wheat toast gave her the satisfaction she was looking for. Overall the toppings were great and the pancakes mediocre.

This time Bee didn’t ask for a piece of my food, and I didn’t offer any either. That thang was too good.

YGET Table For Two Skinny Fats

Overall we left SkinnyFats happy. Bee wants to try their healthier Breakfast items next time and probably pass on the Drunken Monkey Cakes. As for me, Chix On Broadway is a must. We’re definitely coming back.

Ray P rates Chix On Broadway 5/5 Forks.
Bee rates Drunken Monkey Cakes 3/5 Spoons.

Drop a comment below or Tweet me @rayp_photos and let me know what you think about #TableForTwo at SkinnyFats




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