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[Product Review] Above The Coals BBQ – Signature Classic Dry Rub

[Product Review] Above The Coals BBQ – Signature Classic Dry Rub

If y’all haven’t noticed from my Instagram timeline, I love to grill! Luckily for me, I received a small package filled with samples today from Above The Coals BBQ. I must say, it was a tough choice to choose which one I wanted to try. I had to take into consideration, who I was feeding. Some of my family members aren’t into spicy foods like I am, so I played it safe with the Signature Classic.

Rich in color with a robust aroma of smoked paprika and other spices, the dry rub reminded me of beef jerky. I allowed the rub to marinate on the chicken wings for about 3 hours in a Ziploc bag before grilling. I didn’t add any additional seasonings to the sample, so I could really taste the product.

My first impression of the end result was unexpected. For one, the smell toned down. The wings turned out slightly charred with a subtle sweet not too salty undertone layered with a smoked barbecued flavor from the slow cooker. I paired it with an all-time Puerto Rican favorite, arroz con gandules and gourmet medley tomatoes on a kabob. It was definitely a HIT for all age groups!


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