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Shawarma in Israel

Shawarma in Israel

I spent my past Winter Break in Israel and now I feel guilty… I have this particular feeling because I think I have more memories of Israel’s Shawarma then of Israel’s historical sights and cities… The best Shawarma I encountered was in the city of Tzfat, where the spiritual practice of Kabbalah was born. Tzfat is a historically significant old city with neat allies, hidden shops, and topped with a mystical feel. Next to a certain “Weapons and Puppies” store, stood a very humble looking Shawarma stand. I placed my order for a Chicken Shawarma and wondered how it would compare to my favorite U.S. spot to eat this delicious sandwich: Lebanese Taverna.  As you can guess, this humble little stand took home the gold.

On a side note, since my return from Israel, I’ve decided to take a crack at being a vegetarian. Why? Because after eating Shawarma in Israel, there is no going back. If I want to break my vegetarian streak I guess I’ll have to go back to this lovely stand in Tzfat  🙂

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma

I'm obviously in love

I’m obviously in love

Free Weapons & Puppies

Weapons & Puppies

My beloved friend who influenced my current Vegetarian status #Ratchel

My beloved friend who influenced my current Vegetarian status #Ratchel aka @Chelraquel

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