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Jerk Pickle Chips and Beer Hop Spears

Jerk Pickle Chips and Beer Hop Spears

YGET favorite Grillo’s Pickles is at it again! It floors me every time I check out their IG and I see another crazy flavor combo that is totally unexpected. Travis and the crew sent out samples of their Jerk pickle chips and beer hop spears for us to let you guys know about. More after the jump!


Jerk Pickle Chips

Grillo’s Jerk Pickle Chips


I wouldn’t have normally had high expectations for something like jerk seasoning to mesh well with the salty, tangy brine of the pickling process but Grillo’s has never disappointed me. Using the same fresh organic vegetables, the jerk pickle chips have a spicy and sour quality to them that will wake up even the sleepiest of taste buds. It was so difficult to keep my taste testing friends from eating the entire container that I ended up shooting the container half empty!

As with most regional dishes, jerk seasoning may not resonate with everyone. I’m a giant Caribbean cuisine eater and can’t go more than a month without some Roti or a beef patty and cocoa bread, so these chips were right in my lane. Premium Pete, one of the biggest Grillo’s fans on the staff, told me these weren’t his cup of tea. “Mannnnnnnnn,” he continued, “I drank a beer with the hop spears. They were delicious.”

Beer Hop Spears

Grillo’s Beer Hop Spears


Hops are responsible for giving many beers both their flavor and aroma, with lighter (in color) beers leaning more heavily on hops than malts. By infusing pickle spears with these little nuggets, the essence of a pale ale or IPA is prevalent throughout each bite. They aren’t overpowering or heavily flavored and worked really well in a batch of beer battered fried pickles. Try it out and thank me later. Another experiment gone right, Grillo’s continues to push the envelope while keeping a large variety of customers, and in turn palates, happy.


If you’re unfamiliar with Grillo’s, check out some of our previous articles on the company that built their empire one spear at a time.

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