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BGR: The Burger Joint

BGR: The Burger Joint
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BGR: The Burger Joint in Tysons Corner Center, located just outside of Washington, D.C. Quamé A. Hamlin / You Gotta Eat This!

BGR: The Burger Joint is a fast casual burger chain that is in its sixth year of operation.  In our search of all things that you gotta eat, we ran across BGR in a number of notable publications and personal blogs.  Needless to say, we decided to try them out.  We sampled three menu options at their Tysons Corner restaurant, located just outside of Washington, D.C.  Click below to see our thoughts on each!

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BGR: The Burger Joint’s Triple D was recently added to their menu full-time and remains a fan favorite.  Quamé A. Hamlin / You Gotta Eat This!

Triple D
The Triple D burger is topped with an over easy egg, applewood bacon, grilled jalapeno and cheddar cheese.  Initially, a limited run, (and then off-menu) fan favorite for some time, the Triple D was recently added to the BGR menu full-time as a “Masterpiece,” or pre-designed burger.  The texture of the Triple D is the first thing that you notice when you bite into it.  There’s the softness of the egg meeting the slight crunchiness of the applewood bacon, and the cheddar cheese acting as the glue that bonds them to the burger.  Above all, the grilled jalapeno is the strongest flavor on the burger, but it sort of has a delayed reaction time.  Even though it’s stacked at the top of the burger, it’s the lasting flavor.  That said, it does not bring an overpowering level of heat, helping each of the layers to provide something different not only in texture, but taste.

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BGR: The Burger Joint offers their Box Set, complete with a burger, fries and a fountain drink. Quamé A. Hamlin / You Gotta Eat This!

The Box Set
The Box Set burger, (that we tried) was topped with American cheese, applewood bacon, tomato, lettuce and mojo’s sauce.  For the fries, we selected regular fries topped with Parmesan cheese.  The box set featured the most “traditional burger,” made-to-order.  The toppings are very familiar to most and honestly, compared to the other burgers sampled, it was very forgettable.  While the fries were a great add-on, there was not anything special about them, even when topped with Parmesan cheese.  If anything stood out in this combo, it was surely BGR’s mojo sauce.

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A popular menu option in recent weeks, BGR: The Burger Joint’s Prime Rib is only available throughout the November-December holiday season. Quamé A. Hamlin / You Gotta Eat This!

Prime Rib
The Prime Rib burger is topped with prime rib, mashed potatoes, a wellington topping and a demi glaze sauce.  This was our favorite burger of the three sampled for several reasons.  Let’s start with the obvious and ask, “Who ever thought about putting prime rib and mashed potatoes on a burger?”  We are not sure if anyone ever has, but we’re telling you that it works.  Surprisingly, the demi glaze sauce and mashed potatoes did not make for a soggy bun.  It was more like dipping a warm biscuit into the leftover juices from a slice of pot roast at your family’s holiday dinner.  With that said, there was still a great foundation to hold on to and take monster bites.  Another reason that this was our favorite is because it is limited.  After the holiday season, you will have to wait almost an entire year to taste it again, (much like BGR’s limited eggnog shake made from Gifford’s ice cream).

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