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Paul’s Da Burger Joint…A Wild Ride of Cheese. Literally.

Paul’s Da Burger Joint…A Wild Ride of Cheese. Literally.

The Feast: Blue Cheese Cheeseburger x Fries

The Location: Paul’s Da Burger Joint x NYC

The Beverage: Stewart’s Black Cherry Soda

I found myself taking about 10 rolls of film to get developed and an overdue lunch with my home girl Ashley! All she had was good things to say about this place, so being the journalist and investigator that I am…research had to take place. I was immediately excited, so let us fast forward to the actual eating.

Usually when I get burgers, I get regular lettuce, onion, tomato, and mustard. This time I switched up the game. No you’re wrong if you think I did a bacon cheeseburger (I’m still not brave enough for that). But I did get a burger with Blue Cheese. Yes blue cheese and it was so good! The black cherry soda to wash it down with made it even better. Now the fries…ehh they were boring. Needed some seasoning…plenty of seasoning. But I was proud. I actually finished my burger:)


Now I really enjoy burgers with fresh blue cheese. I truly recommend this if you have never had blue cheese on your burger. The enchanting flavor just takes your taste buds for a ride on a roller-coaster of cheese. I cannot imagine if you added cheddar cheese on it. Imagine how cheesy it would be!

*Note if I try it with extra cheese I will definitely update you!


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