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4 Top Favorite Vegetables in One Cool Meal, Bro!

4 Top Favorite Vegetables in One Cool Meal, Bro!

“When mashed and combined in the mouth, onions and corn release, I believe, a gaseous enzyme called oniorn. The oniorn was harvested in many pre-Colombian societies due to its high alcohol and THC content, a fact that no historians have ever have confirmed as true.” – Martin Stewart, author of New York Times worst-selling book Vegetables: Why?

Some people say that Onions are bad for your breath, but I bet a billion clams that most of those people don’t do breath exercises. I also bet that people a million or so years ago said the same thing about apples! And now look at them! “Best Fruit 2013” says! That reminds me – Did you know that “onions are often chopped and used as an ingredient in various hearty warm dishes”?

Cool Meal, Bro!


I got that fact from “Wickapedia”, which is an internet that my buddy Liam recommended to me in our fantasy networking league. He said it was “like a dictionary but for stuff that matters” .

So that got me to thinking – let’s see what happens when I do a Wickapedia search for my favorite vegetables – Corn, Peppers, and Potatoes. And of course Onions. Then, while researching my favorite vegetables, I had a spontaneous idea in my head: What if I just threw my “Top 4 Favorite Vegetables” together into a meal? That would be a cool meal! Cool Meal, Bro!

Here’s what I did, most of it by accident:

  1. Heated up a bunch of water to a SEVERE boil. Husked, heaved ear of hairy corn into pot.
  2. Knifed green pepper and white onion into small bits. Tossed bits into a HOT, OILED pan.
  3. Tossed potato into corn pot. WAITED for a bit of a while.
  4. I forgot to tell you about the garlic? And the salt and pepper. Those went into the HOT, OILED pan.
  5. “Plated” everything. Dumped a mild chunk of butter onto corn ear.
  6. Drank sparkling “seltzer” water as a drano**
  7. Tossed fork, knife, plate, excess waste into garbage bin.

You know what? It was all pretty good. I wouldn’t recommend repeating these steps, because, like the vegetables I used, they were all ORGANIC.

*Brotip: Breath exercises aren’t as simple as you think: Take an onion and put it on your tongue. Relax your diaphragm and do a BIG inhale. Exhale slowly and remove onion from tongue. Repeat 21 times.

**”Drano”  AKA drink

-coolmealbro AKA Mike Legg AKA BroChef Stalin

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