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The Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond, VA has a great new option for foodies seeking out something special. Chef Micah Crump and the rest of the 20/20 Experience staff have set up shop in both Loft Seventeen and the newly opened Shockoe Steakhouse on 14th Street. It's their belief that the Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond has been hungry for food prepped in their style for too long. They're definitely bringing something not seen there before. I dropped in with a friend of mine, Cayman Wade, to sample some of the menu items from Shockoe Steakhouse and get to know Chef Crump a little better.

I got introduced to the 20/20 Experience crew via the Richmond Kickin' Chicken Wing Festival in the fall, where they won best of show for their whiskey wings. Fittingly enough, that's what we started out with:

Without giving too much away, the play between citrus, spice and bourbon is an awesome combination. Take these down with an old-fashioned to REALLY taste the subtle nuances in this dish. Bring the wet naps, it could get messy.

With my palate primed and ready, the next plate to hit the table ended up being the star of the show. I don't know if you've ever had a burger patty made from prime cuts of meat before; it's something you have to try. This NY Strip burger absolutely floored me. "We ground up a NY Strip steak," Chef Micah explained. "topped with gorgonzola and onions, with a lobster tail." As a play on the classic surf & turf that lives at any steakhouse, this burger with a butter sauce stands out; "I just try to use my own flavors. If I like it, I think [the customer] will like it."

No issue there: we love it Chef. LOVE it.

Don't think that can be topped, do you? Check this last dish out: 

I couldn't bring myself to eat another bite after that burger, Thomas is all about that portion control for the 99 & the 2000. That means Cayman had to step in and take one for the team... Such a terrible fate, no? Her thoughts on the crab stuffed filet were simple. "The filet was very tender," she explained. "I thought it could've used a little more seasoning. The sauce was a really nice contrast to the other flavors."

"I would definitely go back," Cayman said. "The atmosphere was casual fine dining; they have a nice staff and they have great food."

From what the two of us have seen, this place is definitely YouGottaEatThis approved and we'll have to make a return visit soon! Get all the details below:

Chef Micah Crump 20/20 Experience portrait

Chef Micah Crump of The 20/20 Experience

Shockoe Steakhouse


(804) 296-9391


Shockoe Steakhouse interior

14 N 18th Street
Richmond, VA 23223
In Historic Shockoe Bottom


Wednesday - Saturday

5pm - 10pm

Sunday (Brunch)

12pm - 6pm

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