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BlockHeads, The Summer Destination

BlockHeads, The Summer Destination

The Feast: Two Beef Tacos x Rice & Beans

The Location: Midtown, NY x BlockHead Diner

: Coconut Margarita

There is no place like BlockHead Diner in the summer and with so many locations in NYC, I had to try a new scene. The midtown location was a little more quiet but still had a great atmosphere! I met some really interesting people, but let’s talk taste buds.

As soon as we sat down at the bar we had a strategy…margarita! Mostly known for their Bulldog drink we weren’t really in the mood for beer! If you’re new to the Bulldog Life, let me explain. The Bulldog drink is a mixture of your favorite flavored margarita with a beer floating upside down inside. But, we knew what we wanted. The coconut margarita was calling my name and it tasted wonderful. Next thing you know it was time for food! Melisa and I shared the two tacos. It had a crisp outer shell and soft inner shell. The rice and beans complimented the main course in all the right ways. The only thing I really wanted after was churros or cinnamon  twists from Taco Bell. I really needed something sweet afterwards. But I do recommend this place if you want to meet new people and fellow foodies. The average customer visits more than three times a week in the summer and really enjoys the food and drinks. See you there!




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