Mac Bar

You gotta go to Mac Bar! Mac Bar, located on 54 Prince Street in NYC, is dedicated to crafting a plethora of different types of Mac n Cheese dishes. They have anything from Carbonara Mac n Cheese to Mac Shroom to even Mac Quack (Mac n Cheese with duck confit). Mac Bar is a quick grab and go spot, but there is a sit down restaurant attached to it called “Delicatessen” that serves almost all of the Mac Bar options.

One of the aspects that I really appreciate about Mac Bar is its versatile selection of meat and vegetarian dishes. Being a vegetarian myself, it is nice when I go to a restaurant that puts the same level of focus on vegetarian dishes as they do on their meat dishes. Since I’m a mushroom fanatic, and well, a vegetarian, I ordered the Mac Shroom! The Mac n Cheese dishes are served in a mini hot skillet that is placed on top of a mini wooden cutting board. My Mac Shroom was served with roasted “magic” mushrooms, fontina, mascarpone, and truffled essence. I took one bite of this amazing Mac n Cheese entree and I immediately knew I needed to tell the world that “You Gotta Eat This!”



Mac Shroom

Margarita Mac