Enhance The Flavor of Your Bourbons, Cognac & Whiskeys Using The Vinturi Spirit Aerator

One thing that most people don’t realize about spirits – is that aerating them, especially ones like whiskey and bourbon, can seriously enhance the flavors, aroma and create a smoother finish.  However, what holds most people back is the time it takes to decant their spirits.  However, the Vinturi spirits aerator allows you to aerate spirits instantly. Vinturi’s patented technology, is based on the “Venturi Effect,” a scientific principle that says when a liquid flows from a wide area to a narrow area, it speeds up, causing a significant change in pressure – in this case sucking in air to mix with the spirits at a much faster pace that letting it sit in a traditional decanter.

The spirits aerator works similar to a wine aerator, which pulls oxygen in through tiny holes on the sides as the liquid is poured in, mixing the liquid with air instantly and allowing it to breathe.  By doing this, it brings out better aromas and a smoother taste.

The Vinturi Spirits Aerator is available for $39.99, and works best with dark liquors, such as whiskey, bourbon and cognac.