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E-40 To Release Signature Malt Liquor Flavor

E-40 To Release Signature Malt Liquor Flavor

According to reports on NBC, Bay Area rap veteran E-40 has plans to release a flavored 40-ounce malt liquor brand.

Bottled under 40’s new company “Interactions and Transactions”, the alcoholic beverage is sweetened with honey and is 10% ABV. For branding purposes, the bottle contains a tribute to the Hillside area of Vallejo, where he grew up and earned his rap moniker.

The West Coast artist hopes to follow the success of his Earl Stevens Selections wine label, which offers three expressions: a 2011 Moscato, a Mango variety and a 2011 Red Blend.  He also released a rum  cocktail named “Sluricane”, which references his 1995 single  “Hurricane” featuring his sister Suga T, brother D-Shot, cousin B-Legit.

The drinks are available in major chains like Safeway, Costco and BevMo.

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