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Author: Eyepissglitter

Stuffed Shrimp at the Bayou & Expensive Nutcrackers

The Restaurant: Bayou The Location: Fleetwood, NY The Feast: Stuffed Shrimp x Collard Greens x Yellow Rice x Cornbread The Beverage: Bomb Phuk! So Phukin’ Delicious! I’m a whore for brown gravy and then rice *faints* the greens were very much on point and the crab mixture with the shrimp was a guided my mouth to the great streets of my taste buds! Of course I couldn’t finish it all, but now I know go half on it. I’m already making plans to go again. Oh for the drink I had two BOMBS, which is a mixture of everything,...

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Home Cooked Meal via Doug E. Fresh. Literally.

The Restaurant: Doug E.’s The Location: Harlem, USA The Feast: Barbecue Chicken x Rice & Peas x Macaroni & Cheese The Beverage: Go Banana Snapple It’s been a minute since I’ve been here but I had to make sure I gave you insight to one of my must-go places to eat while in Harlem, New York. Not only is Doug E. Fresh one of my favorite people on earth but he also owns a restaurant in the heart of Harlem on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard nearby Malcolm X Boulevard of course. It was so funny on my first...

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The Ultimate Tea. Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all.

The Beverage: Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all The Restaurant: Sweet Chick The Location: Williamsburg|Brooklyn, NY Just when I thought my favorite drink was the Tati (I’ll explain on the Top Five Drinks of the Summer) I was very surprised that Sweet Chick not only had a delicious menu, but their drink menu was just as appetizing. When I say appetizing I didn’t know what to get at first but, then there it was. Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all. As a heavy weight, I have become more a dark liquor connoisseur than a clear. Being from Tennessee (and NY) I love Jack...

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Crab Bisque Makes the Soul Smile at Fire Island.

  The Feast: Crab Bisque x Truffle Creamed Corn The Location: Fire Island, NY The Restaurant: Island Mermaid After a nice sunbathing experience on the beach and seeing about four deer it was time to eat. It was probably time to eat before that but I wanted the best. I almost canceled Fire Island off my list of places to enjoy seafood. Prior to a great dining experience at Island Mermaid, I had a cheeseburger that tasted like paper and cheese. I was very disappointed. But the sun set and the other end of the beach called our name....

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A Fish Fry in the Bronx at the Pelham Bay Diner.

The Feast: Catfish x Turkey Bacon x HomeFries x Scrambled Eggs w/Cheddar Cheese The Location: The Bronx The Restaurant: Pelham Bay Diner Beverage: Tequila Sunrise After Greenhouse and W.i.P we were starving like we have never had food before. We went to Pop Burger but it was closed, then Cafeteria is doing renovations so it was time to head back uptown. In the midst of it Qream had a great suggestion…The Diner! Now when it comes to diners I believe Westchester County has the best diners. But Pelham Bay Diner showed me another way of life. As soon as...

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